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Industry agrees that the beef category is complex requiring additional skill and technical knowledge to position successfully with the protein customer. The protein-based industry employee’s are viewed by customers as the meat expert, but with so many different cuts and varying specifications it is a daunting task to clearly, confidently and accurately transfer value-added knowledge to aid with your customers beef purchase decisions.

  • Video based courses cover Canada’s high quality beef production operations and systems
  • Cow/Calf System, Feeding Operations and Processing System
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Cow/Calf System

Welcome to Canada Beef’s free course on the Canadian beef Cow/Calf System. This course provides an overview of the Canadian beef cow/calf system, and covers everything from how we raise beef cattle in Canada, Canada’s superior genetics, plus markets and distribution.

In this course, you will learn:

About Canada climate and the environment in which a beef calf is raised

  • How beef cattle are bred for optimal quality and health
  • How calves are supported during their growth cycle
  • How beef cattle are brought to market for sale

Canada is renowned for its high-quality beef, which in is demand across the country and around the world. Canadian beef farmers and ranchers are dedicated to producing top-quality beef cattle while ensuring for animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Feeding Operation

Welcome to Canada Beef’s free course on the Canadian beef Feeding Operation. In this course, our focus is on the feeding practices that support the production of high quality, grain fed beef.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How animals are brought into the feeding operation
  • How Canadian cattle are fed and the feeds that are used
  • About the care provided to animals to ensure that they are healthy
  • Transport procedures that ensure for animal welfare and beef quality

The high quality feed grains and advanced feeding systems utilized by Canadian beef producers set Canada’s beef industry apart. Feeding operations play a key role in producing our high quality, Canadian beef, recognized for both for its superior consistency and excellent eating qualities. Learn now!

Processing System

Welcome to Canada Beef’s free course on the Canadian beef Processing System. This course provides an easy-to follow overview of the Canadian beef processing system and covers everything from animal welfare and food safety to market trends and global demand.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How beef cattle are transported to the process facility
  • Humane animal handling and harvesting procedures
  • How beef carcasses are processed for product quality assurance
  • How industry best practices ensure for food safety and shelf-life

Canada is renowned for its high-quality beef products, and the Canadian beef industry is a vital contributor to the country’s economy. Canadian beef processors play an important role in this industry, as they transform live cattle into safe, nutritious and delicious beef products enjoyed by consumers across the country around the world.

Environmental Practices

Welcome to Canada Beef’s free course on Canadian beef Environmental Practices.

This course explores the significant contributions of all sectors along the Canadian beef supply chain. Through a wide variety of measures, including land management, water recycling and energy conservation, the industry is working to preserve Canada’s natural environment for future generations.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How Canadian Grasslands benefit from beef cattle
  • How well managed Canadian Grasslands help to reduce the risks associated with wild fires
  • How improvements in processing practise, as well as packaging technology extend the shelf-life of beef which reduces loss due to spoilage

Canadian ranchers and farmers manage their resources to ensure their farms remain environmentally sustainable, economically viable and to enhance the health and productivity of their land. Land preserved through ranching supports more than 60 species at risk that depend on Canada’s grasslands. A thriving beef industry helps to ensure these critical landscapes remain healthy and intact, for the species that depend on them and for all Canadians.

Food Margins

Welcome to Canada Beef’s free course that explains the importance of understanding and calculating food margins. This course provides easy-to-follow, real-world examples that demonstrate how Canadian beef menu offerings support higher revenues and profitability for foodservice operations.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The importance of understanding and calculating food margins
  • How to examine and compare menu item food margins, their revenue generating capabilities and opportunities for profit
  • How Canadian beef menu offerings can support higher revenues and profitability

Foodservice operators understand that keeping food cost percentages low is essential. At the same time, it is important to understand which menu items deliver high food margins. These products maximize revenue generation and create profit opportunities. Learn now!

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